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Flywheel is a creative economy incubator for artists, arts organizations and companies.

The Flywheel Incubator was launched in 2012 and is currently in its second term. This program offers Sacramento’s most talented creative start-ups the resources, framework, and exposure needed to take them to the next level.

The Flywheel Program is more than just a set of services – it’s a community, a crew and a family. Benefits offered to participants include but are not limited to: strategic plans, shared work space, personalized mentors, interns, consultants, administrative support, business development services and many of the marketing, strategy, financial, legal and communication tools to become independent and self-sufficient creative operations.

Over $160,000 of probono services, facilities, and training were provided to Flywheel residents from June 2012 – June 2013.

Residents are trained and supported through a 5-part curriculum to include assessment, strategic planning, management and operations, financing, sales and marketing and community outreach. Additional benefits include but are not limited to:

* Access to work space for bi-monthly training sessions, meetings and events
* Dedicated mentors to advise throughout the program
* Business plans
* Legal and financial expertise
* Graphic design services
* Performance and exhibiting opportunities
* Media exposure
* Access to interns to train in your field
* Online and brick & mortar retail store
* Studio visits and field trips
* Networking with speakers and trainers
* A tight-knit community of supporters


Promising candidates are scheduled for a follow up interview and a portfolio pitch session with arts and business leaders from the community. Preference is given to applicants in the following fields that reach under-served audiences and can demonstrate community benefit, economic impact and/or social change:

* Audio, visual, and digital media
* Craft, visual arts and indigenous arts
* Cultural heritage
* Design (architecture, fashion, graphic, urban, industrial and interior design)
* Film and photography
* Literature
* Music
* Performing arts
* Publishing and broadcasting

The application process for the 2013-2014 term is now closed. Please sign up for our mailing list to receive notices of openings in the future. The next class applications will start being accepted in November 2014.

View our sample application here.



Download our informational slide presentation to learn more.

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We are infinitely grateful to our first class for their patience, dedication and support as we got this new venture off the ground. It’s been an honor to work side-by-side with such an amazing group of artists, nonprofits and entrepreneurs.

What have our first year residents said?

“We really liked the diversity of whole Flywheel class because it helped get perspectives from so many different businesses. Some of the other high points would be the Business Plan, working with the Sac State Design Department interns, and the additional exposure from events like the Flywheel Store grand opening. Our new partnership with CA Museum is looking to be a big project. Sitting in with speakers and learning more about why things like insurance are needed really helped reinforce what we need to focus on.” - Sugar Skulls

“The fortunate thing about being in Flywheel was that I got to walk away with new opportunities, partnerships and knowledge feeling better equipped to handle my future ventures.” - Eben Burgoon

“The quality of speakers and relevance of topics was incredible. Field trips and studio visits were really inspiring, encouraging and practical. Every week there was new information presented on aspects of my business I had not considered before. The practical, hands-on personal guidance for my business was invaluable and I would not be able to move forward in any of the avenues I’m currently pursuing without my experience in Flywheel.” - Juniper James

“I really appreciated being in the Flywheel program. We have sometimes been stuck in our own world, and this has been important for us to connect with others in the program and learn how to collaborate with other groups. The board training was really helpful and we learned how other nonprofits face the same issues we face. The diversity of the residents in Flywheel was awesome.” - Sol Collective

“I found the Financial Bootcamp to be a very useful tool for helping me focus my efforts and refine my approach to hurdles. There were times I hated dropping everything I was doing to run off to a session, but each time I was always glad I had gone! I’ve really enjoyed our sessions in Flywheel and Bootcamp and I’ve learned so much being around everyone. Here’s to our continued and ever-climbing success!” - Chalk It Up

Thank you Flywheel supporters and partners!

  • Urban Hive
  • Downtown Plaza/ JMA Ventures
  • Sac State College of Arts and Letters
  • Sports Leisure Vacations
  • Goldman Communications
  • Creating Answers, Finance Gym
  • Possibility Media Group
  • California Lawyers for the Arts
  • Crocker Art Museum
  • Metro Chamber – Leadership Sacramento
  • Midtown Business Association
  • Downtown Partnership
  • Unseen Heroes
  • CA Museum
  • Hacker Lab
  • Hot Italian