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Investing in Sacramento’s long-term economic and cultural health by providing in-kind support to keep Sacramento’s growing arts community thriving, prosperous and vibrant!

Established in 1987, the Council is an independent nonprofit 501c3 chapter of Americans for the Arts. Dedicated to helping local arts groups connect to the resources needed to be successful, the Council offers programs to connect the business community to artists and non-profits in need of their expertise.  We work to nurture the creative economy alongside civic leaders, artists, nonprofit arts/culture organizations, creative entrepreneurs and businesses. The Arts & Business Council of Sacramento is the only regional entity committed exclusively to helping local artists achieve and maintain sustainable operations.

The Council’s efficient business model allows a large percentage of monetary donations to be dedicated directly to their programs. A single donated dollar donated can be leveraged into as much as three dollars in support to Sacramento’s artists, arts groups and non-profits. Through their Flywheel Incubator program and the annual Prelude to the Season event, the Arts & Business Council of Sacramento invests in upholding the region’s creative vitality for years to come.


The mission of the Arts & Business Council of Sacramento is to promote partnerships between the business community and arts organizations in order to enhance the economy and enrich the quality of life in the Sacramento region.


A community that is more engaged, expressive and connected because of their experiences with the arts and a thriving economy that benefits from a strong creative sector, attracting tourism, business investment and high-level talent.